Research & development

We would like to help you to realize your ideas. To start as early as in the development phase creating a
cost-efficient product we would like to help you with choosing the components and material. We also give
advice to find the optimal cost-benefit ratio. We advice you also on risk assessments or product
accreditation for example CE, GS and VDE.


Body and mechanical system components design

Since electronic and mechanical components do always interact and the resulting interaction has to be manged it is useful to have a one-stop solution. At this we can fall back on our long-term and reliable partners and suppliers who are specialist in toolmaking e.g. injection molding tools, extrusion presses and in surface finishing. Prototypes are produced in close collaboration.

Therefor we can fall back on the rapid-prototyping and cutting and lathing works. To ensure the requested properties and functions we do type tests during the development.


Prototypes and small series of printed circuits

Prototypes and small series production of printed Circuitry (PCB), as well as etching of metal foil, etcher are produced by cells. It can PCB 210 x 300 [mm] manufactured in the dimensions are. It is also possible that printed circuit board in can be made a partner company.


Circuit board design

For designing circuit boards we use modern 2D & 3D-CAD software and various simulation programs. We can also convert your THT layouts to modern SMD components.

Our team works out a circuit board design according to the customer requirements. Naturally we comply to all respective circuitry requirements and EMV.


Creating Software

Modern devices and steerings are characterized by an increasing amount of intelligent functions. These features are realized through embedded software. Our engineers have many years of experience in the field of intelligent steerings for various industrial applications. Among them gas control devices, motor and ventilation controls or SPS- process controls but also intelligent sensors and remote concepts with a big ratio of "intelligence" and therefor embedded software.

If you want to cope with technical control tasks and if you are looking for a competent partner, our engineers will provide solution-oriented know-how in specific programming of embedded software. We rely on the high performance of the latest controllers by the brands ATMEL, Freescale, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments or Siemens. The development takes place in modern development environment.

Our solutions are complemented by wireless solutions on ISM streamers just as well as in RFID ranges. The existing competence expands the spectrum of the transmission solutions to infrared and ultrasonic.


Analog and digital circuit technique

Who does not know: "... whether blonde or brown, I love all the men, My heart is big ..." from the year 1943. Jan Kiepura so enthusiastichis audience and as varied as the hair color of the women's world, mixed is the electronics. Certainly remains Kiepuraunchallenged on its pedestal, but "play" with usanalog and digital worlds and are happy about every successful work that leaves our production hall. Talk to us so that compose a masterpiece for you- so develop.


Control technology for special machines

In the manufacturing trade there is often the problem, that equipment and machine engineering, which are necessary for special manufacturing processes, are offered on the market as a standard product. For these applications are used special machines.

One of the mechanical components of a special machine is an electrical component with the associated hardware and software to control system, automatic control, measure and interception of the functional processes.

Do you need for your special control technology a special hardware and software, so our engineers could take action to realize your wishes in design, development and realization.