In manufacturing we focus on on Surface Mounted Technology (SMT).

Due to our assembly lines with stencil printers, placement machines and reflow soldering machines we are able to place 500.000 daily and therefor mid sized and big batch sizes annually. During this process we are flexible and able to to place designs of the size 0201 up to a edge length of 55x55 mm.

Our production activity is complemented under the respective regulations with Through Hole Technology (THT). This includes conventional placing, cable termination, manufacturing of inductive components and assemblies up to product labeling and wrapping of the assemblies. 

Furthermore soldering with nitrogen is used. Since the publishing of the guidelines 2002/96/EG about electric and electronic IEC connectors (WEEE) and 2002/95/EG about the restriction of using certain dangerous substances in electric and electronic devices (RoHs) on 01.07.2006 it is forbidden to use chemical elements such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, mercury and PBDE. Therefor these elements are prohibited to be part of electronic devices and assemblies. By using nitrogen for soldering no matter if it is wave, reflow or selective soldering the result is often better because nitrogen is a better heat conductor than air. It also allows working at a lower process temperature. This reduces the stress on assemblies and components. The protective gas atmosphere used for wave soldering reduces additionally the oxidation of the components and therefor reduces the dross generation. By adding nitrogen the surface tension is modified and the flow characteristic of the solder is improved. We direct special attention to the routine test. We use proving techniques specific to the customer and the product for example FCT method of test, flying test and optic inspection devices.